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Many new users feel overwhelmed when first entering the crypto and DeFi space.

Have you ever heard of Decentralised Finance (DeFi)? It is a rapidly growing blockchain-based movement that offers benefits such as transparency, security, efficiency, and immutability, and is steadily on track to augment traditional financial systems and services. A number of fin-tech organisations are starting to integrate blockchain technology into their existing apps and programs, however, there is still a learning curve to overcome as many users navigate their way through the new world of DeFi technology.

In considering DeFi, many users carry assumptions over from their knowledge of traditional, centralised finance (CeFi) applications, which proves to be unhelpful when trying…

The cryptocurrency market was valued at USD 1.03 billion by 2019 and is projected to reach USD 1.40 billion in 2024.

So, what exactly is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital form of money. The mathematical field of cryptography is used to create the coins, which can then be used to buy goods and services.

Cryptocurrency is one of the fastest-growing types of currency in the new world economy. It has gained popularity globally, especially with the recent rapid growth of Bitcoin, and allows data to be made, stored, and transacted digitally, making it completely virtual and anonymous!

The main difference between cryptocurrency and bank credit is that instead of banks and governments issuing the currency and keeping ledgers, an algorithm does…

Facebook’s much talked about cryptocurrency launch of Libra has been ditched and instead the social media giant is part of a new digital currency named Diem. It will be supported by the Diem Association, which consists of 27 members, of which Facebook is one.

Facebook, Inc. is hoping to launch Diem in January of this year. David Marcus, head of Facebook Financial, told his audiences at the Singapore FinTech festival that he hoped the company could participate in changing the financial services industry by launching Diem (previously named Libra), Facebook’s proposed digital currency for use on its social network, and…

Paying with cryptocurrency is as easy as tapping your smartphone wallet to the merchant’s tablet device.

Earlier this year, the US Congress was debating a massive financial package for reviving the pandemic-stricken economy. The House of Democrats in the USA proposed a bill that would enable the creation of a “digital wallet or digital dollar”. Why would they do this? Most probably to create a sovereign cryptocurrency. The world is moving towards a financial ecosystem where sovereign cryptocurrencies will eventually replace traditional paper currencies. Today, many countries have already created their own cryptocurrencies! The most recent being China.

Cryptocurrencies are the latest manifestation in cashless transactions and quite probably, will eventually replace credit and debit cards…

2021 is set to be online education’s biggest year.

Online education and online learning has witnessed tremendous growth in the last decade or so as the internet and education have been combined to deliver new skills and opportunities to people. The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has further led to the rapid growth of online education with many people looking to upskill themselves whilst staying at home in isolation.

The pandemic has forced the close down of schools, colleges, universities, and companies and led to the establishment of online education platforms. This is the most opportune time for the growth of online education. Online education is booming worldwide.

Research reveals that…

There has been massive growth in decentralised finance in the past three years.

DeFi, or Decentralised Finance, is currently one of the biggest developments in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector… and for good reason! DeFi uses blockchains, crypto assets, and smart contracts to extend financial services to customers such as loans, investments, payments, derivatives, remittances, etc. In contrast to the decentralisation of money through Bitcoin, DeFi aims for a broader approach of generally decentralising the traditional financial industry.

DeFi is a relatively new concept and an expansion of its application scope rests on the blockchain. …

At Piptle, we are focused on providing ongoing education for anyone who is interested in upskilling in areas such as blockchain and future technologies.

We offer people the opportunity to learn how to become part of a new and disruptive way of building property wealth, funding businesses and creating new income opportunities for themselves.

The advent of COVID-19 has shown us that the way we view and perform our work has substantially changed. …


We are creating a new sideline decentralised finance economy! #DeFi #blockchaineducation✨ 🚀

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