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Piptle: Creating a New Sideline DeFi Economy

At Piptle, we are focused on providing ongoing education for anyone who is interested in upskilling in areas such as blockchain and future technologies.

We offer people the opportunity to learn how to become part of a new and disruptive way of building property wealth, funding businesses and creating new income opportunities for themselves.

The advent of COVID-19 has shown us that the way we view and perform our work has substantially changed. Millions of people have realised that they can competently do their work from home and in addition to that, they have realised that having just one revenue source is not a good strategy these days.

Take pilots, for example.

They are highly qualified and responsible people. However, if the planes are not flying their qualification is of no use to them. Many have had to upskill and retrain. Imagine if prior to the COVID-19 pandemic they had signed up at the Piptle Academy and added a couple of income streams to their day-to-day operations. If that was the case, when they were made redundant they could have just shifted their focus to the other revenue streams and moved forward without the stress of trying to get gainfully employed elsewhere.

The Piptle 3 Step Upskilling and Income process the pilot would have gone through is as follows:

  1. Education and upskilling
  2. Providing income opportunities globally
  3. Providing easy access to ownership in assets producing good revenue streams

We are compiling courses developed by industry experts in topics such as blockchain technology and DeFi (decentralised finance), how to become an effective business builder, and how to start building your own global business. We are dedicated to providing the best training and support available to assist budding entrepreneurs, experienced business people, and other professionals.

We provide the resources and platform that will empower your learning and our new course on ‘The DeFi Blockchain Economy’ will cover a range of fascinating topics including, how cryptocurrencies are made, centralised and decentralised exchanges, what DeFi is all about, and much more!

On top of this, we run regular workshops and zoom meetings that can teach you how to be a part of the new DeFi and crypto bull-run. We will provide an introduction to decentralised finance as well as update you on all the current trends in cryptocurrency. Our courses and educational workshops will help guide you to get started with opening a trading account and setting up your DeFi trading platforms.

Getting started is easy. Visit the Piptle Academy here!

We are creating a new sideline decentralised finance economy! #DeFi #blockchaineducation✨ 🚀