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The rise and evolution of online education.

2021 is set to be online education’s biggest year.

Online education and online learning has witnessed tremendous growth in the last decade or so as the internet and education have been combined to deliver new skills and opportunities to people. The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has further led to the rapid growth of online education with many people looking to upskill themselves whilst staying at home in isolation.

The pandemic has forced the close down of schools, colleges, universities, and companies and led to the establishment of online education platforms. This is the most opportune time for the growth of online education. Online education is booming worldwide.

Research reveals that before the pandemic outbreak, the online learning market will be worth $350 billion by the end of 2025. This figure has gone up significantly since the pandemic began as online learning has become more commonplace.

The more relevant fact though, is that many people have found themselves out of work and jobless due to the fact that their single qualification wasn’t good enough in COVID times. Take for example, a qualified commercial pilot. If this was their only qualification then they needed urgent upskilling into a new vocation.

Many in the tourist industry found this was the case also. At Piptle, our mission is to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to upskill into qualifications that match opportunities in emerging areas like the Blockchain and Decentralised Finance (DeFi). While some of the trainings can be offline the majority are done online. Online education has been made so much easier since the advent of platforms like Zoo.

Advantages of Online Education

True online educational platforms, where there is no live instruction, have a huge amount of user data and facilitate these platforms to utilise the machine learning algorithm. Machine learning algorithm has the ability to customise the content for every individual student. For instance, if a student struggles with a particular concept in the course, the platform would be able to adjust the online content to offer the student a more detailed explanation.

Just like the traditional on-campus education system, online learning is also extremely vibrant and inclusive. There is not only scope for completing bachelor’s degrees or diplomas, but also scope for online upskilling and personal growth programs. Universities worldwide are now offering professional degrees online. The internet revolution has made it possible for students to learn their desired courses sitting in any remote corner of the world.

Furthermore, online education is usually very flexible to fit each individual pupil. These online classes are smaller than traditional classes. The online e-learning system allows one student at a time, paving the way for more quality interaction and feedback between the student and the teacher. There is often access to a diverse range of study materials such as videos, eBooks, and photos, and the teachers can integrate their own teaching formats into the learning system.

We can’t forget to mention how much money it is possible to save through online education! Online education is more cost-effective compared to traditional education. There is also the availability of wide-ranging payment options which allows students to pay their fees in a way which best fits their financial situation. In some cases even, study materials and online classes are available free of charge!

The Piptle Academy

At Piptle, we want to help empower you with the skills and knowledge to run your own business. That’s why we have developed the Piptle Academy — an online educational platform focused on providing ongoing education for anyone who is interested in upskilling, running a business, blockchain, and future technologies.

We are creating a new sideline decentralised finance economy! #DeFi #blockchaineducation✨ 🚀